Dahil tadtad ng assignments kagabi. Boom.

I can really feel that the conversation is unwanted.

sino ka ba para hindi mag follow back?
— Anonymous


Required ba magfollowback sa tumblr? You can tell me naman if you want a follow back then I’ll give you what you want. Di lang ako nkkpagcheck ng blogs dahil busy ako sa school and lagi akong nakamobile. Noon nagfofollowback ako pero nadala ako dahil ung iba followback lang ang habol, just like you. and ung iba matapos ifollowback, iuunfollow ka. See? At mas finafollow ko ung mga personal blogs kesa reblogger kase ang sarap basahin ng post nila. Yan ba ang dahilan ng pagttumblr mo? Tumblr is not for fame. Kung followback lang ang habol mo, wag kna magfollow ng blog. Tumblr is not about the number of followers that you have but it is about the friendship that you’ll have and make with your co-bloggers. Anyway, you are free to unfollow me

Without The Love — Demi Lovato / 963 plays

Without The Love - Demi Lovato

And you work so hard to get me just to let me go
Yeah, you put me in the spotlight just to steal the show

Why are we acting like lovers?
We don’t know each other
Even though we used to rule the world

I guess all of this is just a message telling me to never open up because you’ll get judged, anyway.


That is what happens when something loses its luster and no one is taking the initiative to make it look new, again.


The most trying times are when I am alone,
laying on my bed hearing my thoughts take form.
I find some relief in old fantasies,
the ones where you are still beside me.

I miss the conversations at two in the morning,
the ones that usually ended with heavy breathing and sometimes snoring.
Now, I lay here broken and torn,
looking over our past messages that are still stored in this phone.

Sometimes I wonder if the things you said were true.
How much feeling did they hold or were they just being overused?
My biggest fear will always be
the possibility that you might not have actually loved me.

— V.L., Recycled Words. (via monsterier)


It’s Thursday. And on Thursday nights, we congregate and have what we like to call Victims Anonymous circle time. It’s kind of a private joke we have which you will understand later on. So tonight you are invited to one of our sessions.

Moderator: You guys know the…

I hate it whenever someone shove their opinions and advice down other people’s throats. What’s “nothing” to you maybe “something” to them. If you can’t empathize, then don’t add up to their freakin problems. They already have enough and I don’t think you’re doing them any more favors.

I mixed up the extranet, anhedonia, and the definition of democracy. Study, study, study. Pica.

Natawa pa sila nung sinabi ko na:  “Pwede ba kainin ang word salad?”